Meet Our Community Leader Kent Dobson

Kent Dobson - C3 Community Leader

Kent Dobson is author of the book “Bitten By A Camel”. He served for four years at Mars Hill Bible Church as the head teaching pastor, hosts tours to Israel, and has been featured in documentaries on the Discovery Channel and the History Channel. He is also the author of the NIV 21st Century Study Bible. In September 2017 he took on the role of Lead Teacher at C3 – West Michigan’s Inclusive Spiritual Connection in Grand Haven. Kent is also a poet and a playwright.

We look forward to the next part of the ever evolving journey of C3 as we explore what it means to live a good life, looking in old and new places for what Kent calls “hints and guesses” along the way. Come join us on Sundays, starting 9:00am at the Grand Haven Community Center. We welcome your voice and life’s journey to this unfolding conversation.