A Meditation
In haiku, classic format
Five, seven and five

I awake in bed
Emerging from chaos dreams
That shatter my nights

My soft music plays
The fractures begin to mend
Spirit blinks and stirs

Breath comes back to me
I remember that I live
But don’t understand

Words speckle the page
My journal massages them
New patterns are formed

Yin and yang wrestle
Interdependent forces
Pushing and pulling

Shiva the unseen
Creator and destroyer
I love her, fear her

Anger arouses
To protect the child within
Then it relaxes

I’m trapped in the din
Squeezing my chest in its grip
Oh, what’s going on

Dynamic music
Drives my legs ten miles or more
Energy, freedom

Now, post-run stretching
And contemplative music
My Self is nurtured

In a loud concert
I gyrate with mania
To pounding music

Alone in my dance
Puppeteer and I are one

But then I must rest
I flee the crowd for my car
For songs of angels

My art and writing
The same dynamic plays out
Movement, reflection

Frantic energy
Both fearful and compelling
I create, destroy

Silence is silver
A loose string of precious stones
Gentle mala beads

From a relaxed mind
New life forms sprout tenderly
Not all will flourish

In your yin and yang
Seek honor in hot and cold
And dance with them both