Listen to the amazing musical talent that has graced the C3 stage!

Abigail DeHart
Abigail Stauffer

      Ride Away - Abigail Stauffer

The Accidentals
Alex Dezen (The Damnwells)
Andy Holtgrieve (Domestic Problems)
Andrew Martin
Andy Baker
Anne Heaton
Awesome Distraction
B-Side Growlers
B Willing James (Grizfolk)
Band of Lovers

Beth Bombara
Bob Van Stee and Kathy Lamar
Brian Vander Ark (Verve Pipe)
Bryan Uecker
Catfish and The Man
Channing and Quinn

      Its Alright - Channing and Quinn

Chris Buhalis
Chris Good
Christopher C. Cordle
Cold Mountain Child
The Crane Wives

      Turn Out The Lights - The Crane Wives

Danika and The Jeb


Dave Boutette

      It's Gonna Be All Right - Dave Boutette and Kristi Lynn Boutette

David Molinari
David Ramierez
Deep Greens and Blues
Don Julin

      The Rodent Medley by Don Julin

Drew Nelson

      Grandmother Moon - Drew Nelson

Dylan Sneed
E. Andrei
Elaina Buress
Folias Flute and Guitar Duo
Frances Luke Accord

      Veronica - Frances Luke Accord

Hannah Laine

      Episode 111 - Hannah Laine

Hannah Rose Graves

      Song2 - Hannah Rose Graves

The Hollands
House of Hamil

Jack Leaver
Jake Allen

      Like a Feather - James Allen

Jen Sygit

      Love is Wild by Jen Sygit

Jeremy Arndt
Jes Kramer

      Song Number 3 - Jes Kramer

Jessica in the Rainbow

      Song 1 - Jessica in the Rainbow

Joe Sturgill (Four Finger Five)

John Stanger

      Song Number 1 - John Sanger

Jonny Carroll
Jordan Hamilton

      Better Days - Jordan Hamilton

Josh Rose
Joshua Davis (Steppin In It / The Voice finalist)
Just Us
Kari Lynch
Karisa Wilson
Karla Lane

      Kings Daughter Home for Incurables - Karla Kane

Kate Pillsbury and Emilee Petersmark

      Song 1 - Kate and Emilee

Kathy LaMar

      Coming Clean - Kotska

Libby DeCamp
Lindsay Lou and Joshua Rilko (Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys)
Loren Johnson
Mark Lavengood

      Wake Up - Mark Lavengood

Mary Sue Wilkinson
Matt Gabriel

      Song 3 - Matt Gabriel

Megan Dooley
Michael Dause and Jake Allen
Missy Zenker

      Check Me Out - Molly

The Muteflutes

      How You Gonna Keep 'Em - The Muteflutes

Mystic Dub
Natalia Zukerman
Nicholas James Thomasma

      The Slow Lane - Nicholas James Thomasma

Nik Carman
Olivia Mainville

      Sleek White Baby - Olivia Mainville

Olivia Millerschin

      We Know Not - Olivia Millerschin

Olivia Vargas

      Tabula Rasa - Olivia Vargus

PC Shakespeare Co.
Phil Barry (Knee Deep Shag) and Sarah Fuerst
Plain Jane Glory

      Find My Way Back Home - Plain Jane Glory

Rachel B.
Ralston Bowles
Ray Kamalay
Rick Chyme
Ricky Olmos

      Instrumental - Ricky Olmos

The Rough and Tumble

      Silver Maple - The Rough and Tumble

Ruth and Max Bloomquist
Sam Corbin

Sandra Effert
Seth Glier
South for Winter
Thompson/Snedeker Duo
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

      Dearly Beloved - Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Watching for Foxes

      Built Broken - Watching for Foxes

The War & Treaty
Waiting on Division
The Way Down Wanderers

      Treading Water - The Way Down Wanderers

The Whispering Tree

      Song 2 - The Whispering Tree

Willy Porter

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