We learn from the most provocative voices we can find each week, from poets to philosophers, artists to activists, secular and spiritual, scientists and mystics, local and occasionally national. We believe in a life of listening and leaning. Each week our teachers engage a topic or idea. Our gatherings also include time for conversation, response and listening to one another. We believe West Michigan needs a place like C3, where the diversity of thought is embraced as part of our own paths of growth and change.


We believe in the power of music, the craft of song, and what happens when we let the artist speak in their own voice. No cultural change has ever happened without music. Each week we hear from independent, (mostly) local, visionary artists. We need their songs and are changed by them. Bring a listening ear and be surprised by the depth, beauty and creativity of our weekly musical offering.


You are a part of every Sunday. You listen You connect in the Inquiry session at 9:00am. Community members welcome you as hosts to the gathering. During the gathering community members offer poetic, moving, inspiring meditations crafted for the theme of that day’s message and the times we are in. Following the gathering you can be part of the discussion and exploration of the days theme in Talk Back. This is what we are about; a place to be a a part of the unfolding questions and discoveries.