C3 inspires spiritual, intellectual, and creative exploration and action, led by the questions, “what are the biggest challenges we face on our shared journey, and how do we respond to those challenges?”

C3 members are featured once again at this Sunday’s Gathering. Our Guest Teacher will be Berny Snoeyer, speaking with facilitator Beth Buelow, about the book he self-published in 2020, containing letters from Corrie’s parents during World War II as they participated in the Resistance against the Nazis. Our Guest Musicians are Steve Weideman and first-time guest Jackson Erne.

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Executive Committee

submitted by Valerie Engeltjes, Secretary


In 2023, the Executive Committee:

  • Revised our bylaws three times:
    • The first updated the procedures concerning resignations and community meetings to accurately reflect our practice.
    • The second changed our annual meeting from February to October, which affected how we handled elections and the Board of Trustees term dates.
    • The third primarily changed the language to reflect structural change from one Community Leader and Teacher to a Lead Teacher and Executive Director.
  • Worked with the Board and the Board liaisons on issues arising from Life Church’s plan to inhabit the Mackinaw Room and other areas of Central Park Place.
  • Recommended that the Board of Trustees meet twice monthly during the Lead Teacher/Executive Director search to make sure everyone involved in the process was as informed as possible.


Board of Trustees: Sally Alderink (Chair), Teresa Colbry (Vice-Chair), Valerie Engeltjes (Secretary), Shannon McMaster (Treasurer), Beth Buelow, Andy Cawthon, Kim Crozier, Tom Edwards, Kathy Humphrey, Wayne Johnson, Rod Van Abbema

Executive Director Search Committee: Beth Buelow, Ira Engeltjes, Kathy Humphrey, Wayne Johnson, Mark Smith

Lead Teacher Search Committee: Gordy Alderink, Judith Blinn, Teresa Colbry, Jeff Crandle, Valerie Engeltjes, Cathy Feyt, Marianne Fischer, Dick Kamischke (Chair), Charity McMaster, Rod VanAbbema

Finance Team

submitted by Shannon McMaster, Treasurer

  • Mark Smith’s term on the Board of Trustees ended; newly elected member Shannon McMaster was assigned as Treasurer.
  • Beth Buelow resigned from the Finance Team and became instrumental in the Executive Director search process.
  • Kent Dobson resigned from the finance team.
  • A shift was made from Square to Zettle for Sunday morning card reader donations.
  • The internal process for disbursements from our funds held at the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation was adjusted by the BoT, at the suggestion of the Finance Team.
  • The Finance Team decided to wait to tackle developing an overhauled plan for fundraising until the new Executive Director is in place, given the issues at Central Park Place, combined with the focus on planning for Kent’s resignation.

Finance Committee: Shannon McMaster (Chair), Andy Cawthon, Kim Krozier, Kathy Humphry, Cheri Eshenaur

Outreach Committee

submitted by Rod Van Abbema

2023—A Giant Year of Reaching Out at C3!

  • Participated in Grand Haven’s major inclusive events.
    • Earth Day Celebration (Cindy Van Ittersum, Rod Van Abbema)
    • Pride Festival (Jane Curtis, Sarah Jacobs)
    • Hispanic Heritage Fiesta
  • Volunteered through CCD in Muskegon Heights schools (Charmaine Cole, Debbie Gianetti, Bernie Snoeyer, Tom Tosa, Chrys Moelter-Gray) 
  • Adopt-A-Highway, conducted spring and fall pick up days (Tom Edwards, Annie Wassmann, and many volunteers)
  • Grand Haven City Parks Clean-Up (Charlotte Rozich)
  • Vigil for Peace and Justice, weekly from April through November (Chrys Moelter-Gray)
  • Red Kettle Campaign (Betty Jean Porter)
  • Flea on 7th Market Fundraiser (Tom Edwards)
  • Humanity for Prisoners Sponsor

Outreach Committee: Rod Van Abbema (Chair), Jeff Crandle, Chrys Moelter-Gray, Charlotte and Mike Rozich

Community Life Committees


Sunday Gathering Team

submitted by Cindy Van Ittersum

  • The Sunday Gathering Team meets monthly via Zoom. We are responsible for procuring and scheduling guest teachers and musicians for the Sunday Gatherings, as well as ensuring that the Gatherings run smoothly through communication with the board and Central Park Place.
  • In 2023, we introduced 6 new teachers and 7 new musicians.
  • In addition, a group of core teachers was established, consisting of Beth Buelow, Michael DeWilde, and Ruth Zwald.
  • The number of Gathering Hosts was increased from 7 to 11. These volunteers make announcements, introduce teachers and musicians, and provide a welcoming atmosphere.

Sunday Gathering Team: Leslie Newman (Chair), Beth Buelow, David Dean, Valerie Engeltjes, Marianne Fischer, Chrys Moelter-Gray, Jean Regester, Chuck Tawney, Rod Van Abbema, Cindy Van Ittersum, Ellie Williams

Education Committee

submitted by Charity McMaster

  • We focused on our values of Common Humanity, Compassionate Action, and Well Being during the building transitions with Life Church
  • We decorated lunch bags for Kids Food Basket in Muskegon
  • Made holiday cards for people in retirement/nursing homes.
  • Make and send cards for those in our community who are listed in Community Care and Concern 
  • Joined Postcrossings and started sending and receiving postcards around the world.
  • Have started having a consistently larger group of kids, averaging 6-8 kids per week, but we have had up to 16!

Thank you to our community members who bring their kids or grandkids with them when coming to the C3 Gathering! Having a larger group of kids opens the potential to have a kid-based message and discussion every week, and hopefully with our continued growth we will be able to discuss more topics and complete more activities throughout 2024! 


Education Committee: Charity McMaster (Chair), Sandy Kate Stephens, Margaret Willey, Patti Baldus, Sally Alderink, Mary Crouse


Membership Committee 

submitted by Jeff Cradle (with additional information from Ellie Williams)

The Membership Committee continues to strive to create a welcoming presence for members and visitors as they enter our meeting space. We have also partnered with other C3 members in marketing projects to increase community awareness of our mission and values. Highlights of our projects include:

  • Placement of our Welcome table so that we are most visible to Gathering attendees.
  • Updated most of our table information.
  • Scheduled Welcome Table and Welcoming Hosts: five rotating teams of Welcoming Hosts (25 C3 volunteers) have greeted more than 3800 people (average attendance 80) to C3 Sunday Gatherings this year. (Ellie Williams)
  • Created US 31 and M104 Highway Billboards (Richard Kamischke, Annie Wassmann)
  • Initiated a weekly Grand Haven Tribune ad for Sunday Gatherings (Jeff Crandle)
  • Provided membership and visitor information to the Board (Ellie Williams)

We remain positive for 2024 despite the challenges we are dealing with. Even though we did not add many members, we have seen a slight steady increase in attendance at our Sunday meetings.


Upcoming projects likely include recruiting and training more hosts, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, promoting the use of name tags, working with our new executive director to upgrade our membership and visitor monitoring and offer ideas for marketing.


Membership Committee: Jeff Crandle (Chair), Dick Kamischke, Kathy Smith, Sarah Jacobs, Ellie Williams

Small Bites Team

submitted by Patti Baldus

  • First Sunday: Cindy Van Ittersum, Joyce Cawthon 
  • Second Sunday: Cheri Eschnauer, Betty Porter
  • Third Sunday: Bev Hundley, Jen Snideman, Lana Brock
  • Fourth Sunday: Carolyn DeVries, Karen Cotton, Cindy Abraham
  • Fifth Sunday:  Patti Baldus, Kathy Tosa


  • Tom Redick, brings delicious salsa and many gluten-free/dairy free baked items almost every week.  
  • MaryJane Montgomery also contributes on a semi-regular basis. 
  • Cheryl Van Abbema takes over the Small Bites table on the Sundays when Patti is with the kids. 


submitted by Char Zoet 

  • February: A gift of cash for food for Ukraine was sent through MCC (Mennonite Central Committee). 
  • March: We collected nonfood, household items for People Center in Spring Lake. 
  • April: We collected cleaning supplies for Every Woman’s Place, a residential program for women and children in need. That assistance was followed by filling an emergency need at the Place for briefs.
  • May: We sent approximately 35 Hygiene Kits to MCC. Kits included personal items: towels, washcloths, nail clippers, toothbrushes, and bath soap. Kits were intended for use in refugee camps.
  • June: We sent summer snack items in bulk to Kids’ Food Basket for distribution to Muskegon area grade school students. Report continued here.

Watch for the New Year 2024 to bring new and exciting ways to do what we can as Week3@C3 to address needs locally, nationally, and worldwide.


submitted by Chrys Moelter-Gray

  • Produced 52 weekly Bulletins & C3 Matters (Office Manager Becky Park, Chrys Moelter-Gray)
  • Compiled, designed, and emailed 52 C3 Updates to more than 370 recipients weekly (Chrys Moelter-Gray, Annie Wassmann)
  • Regularly updated the Community Calendar and Updates on C3 Website (Annie Wassmann)

Additional Community Life Committees — thank you!

Community Care and Concern Team: Cheryl Van Abbema, Mike and Charlotte Rozich

Dine with NineJoyce Cawthon, Kathy Smith, Mary Ackerson


Sunday, December 31

All events held in the Mackinaw Ballroom in Central Park Place (421 Columbus Ave., GH)

9 a.m. Pre-Talk & Awakenings

10 a.m. C3 Kids with Miss Mary and volunteer Sally Alderink

10 a.m. Gathering, In Person + Livestream on Facebook

   • Guest Teacher: Berny Snoeyer with Beth Buelow

   • Musicians: Steve Weideman and Jackson Erne

11 a.m. Talk Back


Tuesday, January 2

7 p.m. C3 Men’s Group (13987 Lincoln Street, Grand Haven)


Sunday, January 7

All events held in the Mackinaw Ballroom in Central Park Place (421 Columbus Ave., GH)

9 a.m. Pre-Talk & Awakenings

10 a.m. C3 Kids with Miss Mary and volunteer Sally Alderink

10 a.m. Gathering, In Person + Livestream on Facebook

   • Guest Teacher: Brad Ruggles

   • Musicians: Spencer LaJoye

11 a.m. Talk Back

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Brad Ruggles is a former pastor who deconstructed (and later left) the faith he was raised in after 18 years of ministry. He is an adventurer, a psychonaut, and a lifelong learner. He and his wife Lisa currently reside on land previously occupied by the Odawa tribe (Holland, MI) with their dog  Bella. His interests include backpacking, live music, meditation, boondocking, sport kiting, photography, and obstacle course racing.

Spencer LaJoye is an East Coast singer/songwriter from the Midwest making queer indie folk music for everyone. The 2021 Kerrville Songwriting Competition winner spins crystalline vocals through a loop pedal while strumming an acoustic guitar in charming, banter-heavy performances that keep audiences laughing one moment and weeping the next.

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C3 Board of Trustees

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Vice-Chair: Teresa Colbry

Secretary: Valerie Engeltjes

Treasurer: Shannon McMaster

Beth Buelow

Andy Cawthon

Kim Crozier

Tom Edwards

Kathy Humphrey

Wayne Johnson

Rod Van Abbema

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