C3 inspires spiritual, intellectual, and creative exploration and action, led by the questions, “what are the biggest challenges we face on our shared journey, and how do we respond to those challenges?”

This week’s Gathering features Tony Jones, author of The God of Wild Places: Rediscovering the Divine in the Untamed Outdoors. He is an outdoorsman, theologian, professor, former pastor, and award-winning author of a dozen books. His question is Why Are We Afraid of Dying? 

Our musical friend Jen Sygit will contribute her songs; Beth Buelow adds her wisdom through a meditation.

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Sunday Gathering

Come for Pre-Talk at 9 a.m. to get a jump on the rest of the group; join us at Central Park Place in Grand Haven for the Gathering at 10 a.m., which is live-streamed on C3’s Facebook page. Snack and socialize during Small Bites, then respond to the teaching at Talk Back from 11:15 to noon. C3 Kids meet in the C3 Kids’ area of the Mackinaw Room from 10 a.m. to noon.

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🆕  Thanks for participating in last week’s Talk Back Takeover!

Shannon McMaster is tallying the responses, including those from an on-line survey sent to all our Wild Apricot Contacts who couldn’t join us. The Strategic Plan Steering Committee and Shannon will review the results, and begin assembling Focus Teams to help turn the results into workable plans. The teams are expected  to meet 2-4 times between now and July. We expect to see the completed plan by the end of July. Shannon will provide additional updates as the process proceeds. 

Springtime Dine with Nine

By now you should have heard from your host about your upcoming Dine with Nine experience on May 11. If you haven’t, please contact Joyce.

Your Feedback, Please

We’d love your feedback on our guest teachers—as well as the musician(s) and the overall Gathering experience. Use this online form to share your feedback. There will also be forms located at the back of the Gathering room, and boxes in which you can put your feedback. You can be anonymous or sign your name. Thanks for your help! 

Parks Clean-Up in Spring Lake 

Here’s another chance to put our value of caring for the Earth into action! Outreach Team member Charlotte Rozich has organized a parks clean-up next Saturday, May 11, at 10 a.m. to clean up Tanglefoot and Millpoint Parks in Spring Lake. Many hands make light work, so help out, if you can! Sign up Sunday at the Outreach Table. 

Vigil for Peace and Justice

Reactions from passers-by have been positive! Join the Vigil for Peace and Justice on Saturday from noon to 1 p.m. along Washington Avenue at Central Park in Grand Haven.

🆕  Thank You, Adopt-A-Highway Volunteers!  

Tom Edwards & Annie Wassmann would like to extend a big thanks to the 27 volunteers that filled 78 trash bags on our stretch of highway last Saturday. It was very windy, but the job was completed successfully. Thank you, Skip Ackerson, Patti Baldus, Julie Bratton, Joyce Cawthon, Rita Coutré, Jane Curtis & Bill Haug, Julia Davey, John Job & Mary Ellen Mika, Charity & Shannon McMaster, Chrys Moelter-Gray, Marian Mullette, Yvonne Olmsted, Nancy Owens, Tom Redick, Mike & Charlotte Rozich, Mark & Kathy Smith, Berny Snoeyer, Marlene Sonderfan, and Kathy & Tom Tosa. Save the date for our fall pick-up: Saturday, September 28C3 extends a big thank you to Tom Edwards & Annie Wassmann for their above-and-beyond efforts in organizing this event!

Week 3@C3—May 2024: Goal Forty!

The Friends of Muskegon Heights Public Library, an organization which includes several C3 members, will present a “Summer Reading Series” for children of Muskegon County, a five-session program in July that features story sharing, math concepts, writing skills, and reading readiness activities in preparation for school in the fall. We have been invited to participate by providing 40 backpacks, each containing a pencil holder (case) and a set of washable felt-tipped markers, which will be handed out at the end of the program with the intention that the children will use them for school in the fall. A suggestion is that each C3 family, family group or individual presents one set: elementary-school backpack, pencil holder and markers. Backpacks should be fairly substantial (not toys), as they are intended for school use. Backpacks will be collected through Sunday, May 19. Note: This does not replace our August “Back to School” supply collecting for Muskegon Heights Public School Academy system.

Thank you from Grand Haven’s American Legion!

The Woman’s Auxiliary of the Legion messaged a special thank you for the “wonderful donation” to their care package project! Thank you, everyone who contributed to April’s Week 3@C3 project.

🆕  Eclipse Glasses

Patti Baldus is sending 33 pairs of eclipse glasses to Utah to be delivered to Central American school kids, so they can watch the October eclipse in their part of the world. Thank you!

Caring for the members of our C3 Community is a shared communal responsibility, rather than a role reserved for a pastor, priest, or leader. Our C3 Community Care Team encourages members to support each other at time of need with notes, cards, phone calls, visits, meals, and transportation. C3 members are urged to contact the Community Care Team to inform them of life events, illness, or hardships, which can be shared with the C3 Community. To report a need or request help, or to help visit members in hospital, rehab or recovering at home, contact Cheryl Van Abbema: email or Mike and Charlotte Rozich: email.

🆕  The Celebration of Life for Justin Kleaveland will be on Saturday, May 11 at 12 p.m. at the Lake House (730 Terrace Point Dr, Muskegon, MI).

Sunday Dinner Group 

We’ll gather at The Kirby on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. to enjoy each other’s company and some good food. Sign up at the Membership table before leaving the Gathering.


C3 Men’s Group

The C3 Men’s Group meets each Tuesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Room B, in Grand Haven. Contact Phil Koster at 616-402-1751 for more information.

C3 Book Club and Friends

Book Club meets next at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, at The Bookman, to discuss Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver.  

June 18: Sisters Under the Rising Sun by Heather Morris.

Women’s Journey

In May, we meet on Monday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. at The Bookman. Joyce Cawthon will lead an activity with intentional words. Choose a word that inspires you.

Thank You! Your support matters and is greatly appreciated!

It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to produce all the great things that happen at C3. Whether it is our Sunday Gatherings or working within our West Michigan communities, we strive to make a difference, with compassion. Your financial support allows us to continue to learn, teach and live our values to heal and effect change.

Your ongoing support of C3 is greatly appreciated. Online donations can be made here. Automatic donations can be set up by contacting Carol Takas at Selby Accounting. Checks should be sent to C3 Spiritual Community, P. O. Box 371, Grand Haven, MI 49417. C3 is a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization. Our tax ID is 38-1960212.

Community Events for Your Consideration 
Click on the links for more information.

Saturday, May 4

12 p.m. Vigil for Peace and Justice (Central Park, GH)


Sunday, May 5  

9 a.m. Pre-Talk & Awakenings

10 a.m. C3 Kids with Miss Mary and volunteer Char Kole

10 a.m. Gathering, In Person + Livestream on Facebook

   • Guest Teacher: Tony Jones

   • Music: Jen Sygit

   • Meditation: Beth Buelow   

11 a.m. Talk Back

Tuesday, May 7 Election Day for many localities

7 p.m.  C3 Men’s Group (Room B, St. John’s Episcopal Church, GH)


Saturday, May 11

10 a.m. Parks Clean-Up in Spring Lake (Tanglefoot Park)

12 p.m. Vigil for Peace and Justice (Central Park, GH)


Sunday, May 12  

9 a.m. Pre-Talk & Awakenings

10 a.m. C3 Kids with Miss Mary and volunteer Eleanor Hills

10 a.m. Gathering, In Person + Livestream on Facebook

   • Guest Teacher: Tabitha Blanski

   • Music: Josh Rose

   • Meditation: Bob Kleinheksel

11 a.m. Talk Back

June 11 Banner

Tabitha Blanski is a lover of stories and wears many stories of her own – filmmaker, photographer, mother, member of the C3 community. Her first documentary film, The Birth of a Mother, follows three new mothers as they are initiated into parenthood and discover that, in addition to keeping a new human alive, part of them will have to die. The film is currently in post-production. 

Josh Rose, teacher and song craftsman, grew up in the northern woodlands and fine-tuned his songwriting in the borderlands. He has spent the past ten years touring the Midwest, teaching, writing, and creating a rich body of work. He is the type of writer who labors over every word and wants his song to be injected into the listener’s permanent being.

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